About Indigo Systems Inc.
Indigo Systems Inc. was established to give easy and effective solutions to healthcare services by giving astounding facility for buying capital equipment, selling surplus medical equipment and for the overall healthcare. Our services are not only limited to these, but also various parts and accessories related to the medical equipment. We also thrive towards enhancing our clinical applications. Our interdisciplinary team of experts provide an overall assessment for various capital assets and management solutions for the medical equipment. Our varied range of clinical applications provide you with comprehensive solutions for safety and risk management, healthcare technology management, financial care and administration, and technical support. Also, our services for clinical technologies strive towards delivering the best to our customers. We believe in customer satisfaction and thereby constantly strive towards improving our services.
Benefits of working with us
  • Indigo Systems’ efficient liquidation channel gives you the highest value for your surplus or retired equipment.
  • Indigo Systems makes disposal process of your surplus equipment safe, reliable and very easy.
  • Indigo Systems is designed to manage each step from connecting with facilities, qualifying vendor approval process, evaluating equipment, offering highest value, prompt payment, safe de-installation and removal of equipment, logistics, documentation for compliance, traceability and record keeping.
  • We adhere to strict safety and sustainability standards with compliance of regulatory requirements.
  • Our systems are built around being Eco-friendly and sustainable.
Indigo Systems also gives medical solutions by setting up complete Operating Rooms, Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care Units and Imaging Centers.
Thus whatever your need is for replacing or removing your surplus equipment and Setting up Healthcare department, Indigo Systems Inc. is always there to help you out in staying leaner and fitter. It stays connected with you even after the logistical transactions address all related issues and make the process seamless.
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Our Mission:
Our main mission is to provide a broad range of targeted medical solutions for all your unmet healthcare needs and set up fine quality medical equipment to pursuit healthy living.
Our Goal:
Our goal is to be one of the leading service providers and deliver enduring value in healthcare. To serve a full continuum of diversified medical equipment for improved medical management is what we continually endeavor.